Pittsburgh Staycation: discover fun, new things to do in the ‘Burgh!

Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington

View of Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington in April.


Welcome to Pittsburgh… or at least a new Pittsburgh!

This blog will highlight all the exciting, unique, and just plain wonderful things our fair city has to offer. All too often, we get stuck in cyclical ruts, doing the same things over and over. Or worse yet, doing nothing compelling at all. From unknown restaurants to peaceful city parks, cheery markets and pensive bookstores, I hope to focus on some of the lesser-known attractions that even a native Pittsburgher could enjoy. And, of course, no Pittsburgh blog would be complete without a cameo or two by the Steelers.

A little about Pittsburgh: Founded in 1758 and once known as the cornerstone of the steel business, today Pittsburgh is home to large healthcare, education, and technology industries. With a population of over 305,000, it is the 22nd-largest urban area in the United States and consistently tops many publications’ (including Forbes, Yahoo, and The Economist) “most livable cities in the US” lists. All three of the city’s major league sports teams have seen multiple world championships and sports continue to be deeply ingrained in Pittsburgh’s identity. The city features many different and unique neighborhoods catering to a wide variety of demographics and interests, making it an ideal place for new adventures!
(Information courtesy of the always helpful Wikipedia.)

A little about me: I’m a 26-year-old Multimedia major at Point Park University who loves to get out in the city and explore. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for more than six years and, after moving up and down the East Coast during childhood (and a sad stint in Cleveland during high school… I know, I know), I feel like I’ve finally found my home.

Cat and Daisy watching the Steelers

Things I love: being outside, craft beer, finding new restaurants, photography, the Steelers, used bookstores, being obsessed with Breaking Bad, good design, concerts, dogs (especially my Pit Bull mix, Daisy)

Things I hate: the Baltimore Ravens, national chain restaurants (usually), light beer, scary movies

In light of that, this blog should focus on many of those things I love and absolutely never ever on the Ravens.

I hope to reveal fun, yet affordable, destinations within and immediately surrounding Pittsburgh, with an emphasis on food, drink, and the great outdoors. There’s so many fantastic things to see and do, so let’s get exploring!


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