Unique activities to entertain every group of friends imaginable

Simon Sky Diving

In their April 2011 issue, Pittsburgh Magazine featured a list of a dozen fun things to do in Pittsburgh with friends and it was nothing if not unique. From drag queen bingo to exploring a local cemetery, they featured varied activities for any group of friends to enjoy. Adventurous pals can go skydiving up by Grove City, Pa., while more laid-back groups can sit back and enjoy smoking hookah at The Sphinx Cafe in Oakland. And there’s plenty of suggestions for friends who prefer their memories together to be a bit hazy: downing steins of homemade beer at Hofbrauhaus in the South Side, enjoying the craft beer offerings of The Church Brew Works in Lawrenceville, and helping East End Brewing Company deliver their beer by bicycle in the Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride.

This list, along with the three others they did in a series linked within this article, presents many surprising and previously-unknown pastimes (apparently there is a manor in Swissvale full of bizarre taxidermy animals). Their suggestions are so different from each other while still being unique to the city of Pittsburgh that residents and visitors alike can find something to easily entertain themselves.


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