City Dining Cards offer $10 off at over 50 Pittsburgh restaurants

Pittsburgh City Dining Cards

While catching up on some blog reading, I noticed a several-week-old blog post from the wonderful people at Apparently City Dining Cards have arrived in Pittsburgh, with each card offering a $10 discount to one of over 50 Pittsburgh restaurants. And best of all, the included restaurants are all locally-owned and many are some of Pittsburghers’ favorite establishments. Respected places such as Square Cafe, The Church Brew Works, Abay Ethiopian Cuisine, OTB Bicycle Cafe, and Sausalido joined the program.

Click the image to see an interactive map of all the participating restaurants.

Here’s more specifics on the cards themselves:

  • It’s $20 for a set of 52 cards. 5% of each purchase gets donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.
  • 50 of the cards are valid at a different Pittsburgh restaurant for $10 off purchases of $30 or more. Each one can only be used once.
  • Then there’s 2 wildcards with each giving you either a free small coffee or espresso at Espresso a Mano or one free beer at The Church Brew Works (go for the beer, people!).
  • Can only be used towards the food portion of the bill, which means it can’t be used for alcohol, tip, or tax.
  • Expire at the end of 2013.

Even better, eatPGH is offering free shipping if you order online! Just enter “eatPGH” for the Promo Code AND Shipping Code (you have to do it for both), and you’ll get free shipping on as many as you want. Thanks, eatPGH! You can also find in-store retail locations to buy a pack.

I haven’t been to a decent amount of the restaurants on this list (quite a few are out of my current price range) but some perennial favorites appear, as well as places I’ve been meaning to check out. Bites and Brews in Shadyside is my favorite place for pizza and beer, with an extensive draft list and build-your-own pizzas and sandwiches. Across the street is another one of my staples, Harris Grill (whose website has been down for a while). It’s been mentioned on here before but bacon night deserves to be mentioned as much as possible. They have a fantastic, unique cocktail list and on Tuesdays after happy hour, they put out baskets of free bacon for patrons to munch on.

D's Six Pax and Dogs

Oh yes. That’s a hot dog topped with macaroni and cheese from D’s. Photo by somenametoforget on Flickr.

I used to go to D’s Six Pax and Dogz in Regent Square almost every week, at the very least to explore their beer cave featuring more than 1,000 (according to them) craft micro-brew and import bottles. They also have pretty great food with slightly atypical pub food, creatively-topped beef, turkey, and veggie hot dogs, and tasty pizzas. Industry Public House in Lawrenceville features a modern wood and metal decor, a wonderful draft list, artisanal cocktails, including a signature smoked bourbon drink, and creative, homemade food.

The Round Corner Cantina

Tequila, Cointreau, and grapefruit drink from Round Corner Cantina. Photo by somenametoforget on Flickr.

I’m most excited to finally check out the Church Brew Works, Round Corner Cantina in Lawrenceville, and Pi Coal Fired Pizza in South Side, and even possibly splurging on a meal at Root 174 in Regent Square. Overall, the City Dining Cards are a great deal and an excellent opportunity to explore new restaurants. Your purchase will pay for itself with just two uses and, as far as price and types of cuisine go, the options are varied and extensive. They’d also make a great holiday present for any food-loving friends and family, so go ahead and grab a deck or two!


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